Plank doors with visible rust-resistant screws and electric strike plate locks.

For something to be a little out of the ordinary, it doesn’t have to be a total renovation or replacement of every single element in a building. It could be that the project is about adapting the new elements to the excisting building, it could be that the materials are exclusive or it could be that the choice of colors are unique.

Project Husumparken in Rødovre is a little bit of all three catagories, because the task at hand was to replace all the exsiting plank doors with new and contemporary plank doors with electric strike plate locks. In other words: The new doors had to resemble the old ones, but in a new and improved way and better quality.

The materials used for this project was mahogany for the massive planks in the doors, colored in creme white on the inside, in a nuance of blue-green on the outside, and with visible rust-resistant screws colored in the same blue-green color. Furthermore, we’ve added rust-resistant aluminum plates on both the inside and outside, specially made for these doors.

The project in total consisted of 29 identical elements, so the uniformity of the apartment blocks and the overall impressions were intact.

Other cases

The facade of Husumparken with a turquoise mahogany door


Every single plank door in Husumparken needed to be replaced with new and contemporary plank doors with electric strike plate locks with visible, colored rust-resistant ...
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Old watermill

We have supplied windows and doors made of European oak, plank doors with oak veneer inside, internal doors in black-painted pine and with painted mahogany ...
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Jomsborg FDF-camp

Surrounded by approximately 7 acres of land, an authentic passage grave and an impressive view overlooking the Isefjord, the country retreat Jomsborg deserved something equally ...
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The exhibition room of Spøttrup Castle with sections made of oak tree and glass-to-glass corner joints.

Spøttrup Castle

At the entrance to the Visitor Center Spøttrup Castle, we have supplied the asymmetrical floor-to-ceiling window sections for the new welcome building. Project by E+N ...
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