Be inspired

Do you need some inspiration to your next project? Then be inspired by our specially made quality windows, slide doors and main doors!

When you have as many years in the business as we do, you can easily say you have done a little bit of everything. Whether it is big or small, handmade or standard solutions, we have produced pretty much anything imaginable.

If you have us in mind for your next project, firstly, you might want to take a look at some of the things we have made in the past.

That is the sole purpose of this side, so sit back and relax, and be inspired by the specially made solutions we have made.

Under the section cases  you will find some of the projects, we have proudly been a part of, and which we think is a little out of the ordinary. The selection will be updated from time to time with new cases from both Denmark and abroad. This way you will have plenty of different input to consider, before chosing which path you want to take with your project.

If you feel like delwing even further into our selection, we have made an even wider selection available on our Pinterest profile. Here you will see both pictures from the production it self but also the finished products are on display.

If you have any question about the materials we use, you can read more about them here.

Facade i glas og mahogni - speciallavet til sommerhuset med flere foldedøre
Specially made facade with folding doors made in glass.
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