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Selected Cases

The facade of Husumparken with a turquoise mahogany door


Every single plank door in Husumparken needed to be replaced with new and contemporary plank doors with electric strike plate locks with visible, colored rust-resistant screws.

Old watermill

We have supplied windows and doors made of European oak, plank doors with oak veneer inside, internal doors in black-painted pine and with painted mahogany planks.
The new main building of Jomsborg

Jomsborg FDF-camp

Surrounded by approximately 7 acres of land, an authentic passage grave and an impressive view overlooking the Isefjord, the country retreat Jomsborg deserved something equally exceptional.
The exhibition room of Spøttrup Castle with sections made of oak tree and glass-to-glass corner joints.

Spøttrup Castle

At the entrance to the Visitor Center Spøttrup Castle, we have supplied the asymmetrical floor-to-ceiling window sections for the new welcome building. Project by E+N Arkitektur.

Customer testimonials

They listen to me, and they take my wishes seriously instead of turning them down because "it doesn't really fit". UD Vinduer has to me always been able to assess each project individually, and tried to adjust the production to the project - not the other way around.

Nordpil Arkitekter has always had a productive cooperation with UD Vinduer, just like we've always had satisfied contractors. Our experience with UD Vinduer has been positive from start to finish, from excellent guidance and service to complied agreements, professional supervision not to mention the marvelous quality of the product.

As an architect quality and details are always a top-priority - in every, little detail, surface etc. which makes a design better. In this regard UD Vinduer provides both good and professional counseling. Their quality is exceptional and they deliver in due time. If something has to be changed, they quickly and efficient get this done too.

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