Glazing beads and energy bars

Elements made of finger-cut pine, knotty pine, mahogany and oak

Since we frequently make elements for restorations or buildings worthy of preservation, our glazing beads in wooden elements are designed so that they can be compared to an old-fashioned plasterboard, which has elements with 1 layer of glass. The same applies to our external 25 mm energy bars.

The following also applies:

  • Side and top glazing beads are usually made of wood, with hidden nailing where possible.
  • We recommend aluminum bottom glass bead, as it is the bottom glazing bead that is exposed the most to UV radiation and rain.
  • It is possible to get them with projection, which is standard, or with a more discreet design with minimal projection, and with a discreet ventilation in the bottom frame.

We produce elements with our elegant glazing bead on all 4 sides. This way you avoid a bottom glazing bead with projection. It is often used in renovations of old villas.

This is specifically something our customers asks about when dealing with restorations.

For mahogany elements, the following applies:

  • The bars on the outside are made of aluminium as standard.
  • Powder coating in a specially designed color with a surface made of sablé is very fitting as it blends in nicely with the beautiful glow of the mahogany.

Out of consideration for the durability of the bar and the adhesion to the glass, we have opted for these solutions.

It is possible to produce the bars in mahogany, but this means the warranty of the external bars is void.

The bars on unpainted knotty pine and oak are sold without guarantee of adhesion, as the wood is able to wiggle too much in relation to the flexibility of the tape.

Elements with single glazing

For this, the following applies:

  • We use a special kit from Dana Lim.
  • The elements are kitted on the factory.
  • The kit can be painted 3-4 weeks after in matching colors.

Elements made of wood/aluminium.

The frame profile in aluminum is made with an elegant glass strip marking on the front, and the glazing beads on fixed fields match this.

As in wood, the bottom glazing bead is made with a projection as standard, but can also be made without one.

The bars in wood/aluminium are obviously made of aluminum powder-coated in the same color as the rest of the element.

We produce several specially made solutions. Among these are:

  • A special type of classic glazing bead to entrance doors or main doors, for example. Made with visible nailing.
  • Classically styled glazing beads used for renovation. Made with visible nailing.
  • Wooden glazing beads (if the customer so desires). Made with visible nailing.
  • Glazing bead with a soft line profile. This particular one looks like the traditional glazing bead we have used for ages. Made with visible nailing.
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