At UD Vinduer we don’t produce windows – we make architectual elements, which makes buildings better. Better for those who use it, but also better for those who own and gaze upon the buildings.

That is why windows and doors must be fitted to the exact building. Whether it is about finding just the right shutters, a slide door made of glass or a specific main door with a window side-section, the right solution will enhance the building as a whole.

We are proud to call ourselves specialists, and because of that we don’t compromise when it comes to craftsmanship or design.

We see solutions and challenges instead of problems and obstacles.

We pride ourselves when it comes to solid, Danish craftsmanship, and take honor and pleasure in our work when we are able to come up with new ways of making your specially made quality windows and doors.

This pride has resulted in growing sales, not just nationally but also internationally, as we export to countries such as Canada, Japan, Germany, Sweden, the Faroes and even Greenland.

We are crazy about specially made solutions and can solve any task if it is even remotely possible. 

  • Rounded and curved windows
  • Windows with frames and shutters
  • Front window
  • Box window
  • Folding, facade and wing doors
  • Lift and slide doors with bay windows
  • Classic standard solutions.

Because the view is better through a window from UD.

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