When you are as specialized as we are, of course we also make extra high demands on the material we use. That is why we have carefully selected everything in our wood, from the type of wood to the proportion of heartwood to the geographical place of origin – all, so that the applicable regulations and laws in the area are complied with.

All our products carry the DVV label. This means that quality control is carried out regularly with the company to guarantee that the elements that are produced meet requirements for construction, performance, materials and surfaces and so on as specified in the technical regulations for DVV. Not only does it ensure the quality of our windows and exterior doors, but it also ensures you as a customer, as it provides a 5-year guarantee. We are one of 47 producers in Denmark who are DVV-certified, and we think that is worth bragging about!

Read more about Danish Window Verification on their website

Hardwood must be legally imported into Europe and must be purchased as FSC-certified wood. Mahogany is Sapele or Sipo. Oak can be European or American.

menneskeskabt mahogniskov
Mahogany of African origin
Efterår svensk egetræ
Oak from Europen forests
Svensk fyrretræs skov set fra oven
Swedish pine


We advertise various different profiles. 

Wood/aluminium, softline or classic can be applied on all of our types of wood.

Below is a wide range of our profiles, where the annual rings are easy to spot.

Snit gennem et vindue
Classic line, inward profile, triple glazing.
Snit gennem et vindue, 2-lags glas
Soft line, outward profile, double glazing.
Snit gennem et vindue, 3-lags glas
Soft line, inward profile, triple glazing.
Snit gennem vindue, 2-lags glas
Wood/aluminium, outward profile, double glazing.
Snit gennem vindue, 3-lags glas
Wood/aluminium, inward profile, triple glazing.
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