With good and solid craftsmanship, you go the farthest – that has always been our belief at UD Windows. When you add credibility and stability to the mix, you truly start to have a product that you just know is reliable. This has resulted in us building up a database of dealers who believe so much in our product that they want to sell it themselves. It’s a mutual trust, but it would never have happened if our products weren’t good.

At the same time, we also set standards for our dealers. These requirements ultimately aim to ensure you, as a customer, and the experience you have, from the ideation phase to holding your final product. If you haven’t had a good experience with one of our dealers, it reflects back on us as the supplier.

Below is a clear list of the dealers we have trade agreements with. If you have any questions, give us a call at (+45) 87 73 50 88 or send an email to [email protected], and we’ll point you in the right direction


Scandinavian Housing K.K
Shosen Mitsui Bldg.

5F, Kaigandori 5,

Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0024, Japan



Wegkamp 3
24589 Dätgen
Telefon: 04329 – 911 66 60
[email protected]
Geschäftsführung: Hermann Willecke


JJE Bygg & Konsult AB

Sandvägen 12
236 36 Höllviken
Tlf. 073-243 41 97
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