Endless possibilities

You can get exactly the windows and doors you need. No task is too special. No task is too ordinary. All options are open, and we are happy to help you choose the best.

Wide assortment

Someone wants square windows. Others want round windows. Some want wide doors. Others want narrow doors. Everyone has different desires. And our large range and skilled craftsmen give you the opportunity to have all your wishes fulfilled.

Highest quality

All our products are of the highest quality. Here we don’t compromise. We are careful when choosing materials and have an extreme focus on good craftsmanship. This means that windows and doors from UD Vinduer are robust and have an extra-long life.

A multitude of creative combinations

Our large selection of products can be combined crosswise. You can unleash your creativity and choose from many colors, profiles and glass types.


We find good solutions through a positive and constructive partnership with our customers. We familiarize ourselves with the challenges you face as an architect, buyer, developer, craftsman or homeowner – and we deliver products that meet exactly your requirements and wishes.


The visionary craftsmanship provided by UD Vinduer requires a close interaction with our customers. When we know your requirements, needs and wishes, we can deliver products that are something out of the ordinary.


We love to get involved, because it gives us the greatest guarantee that you will be happy and satisfied.


With UD Vinduer, you get a partnership where dialogue, sparring, flexibility and commitment are paramount. We are more than your supplier of windows and doors – we are also a valuable business partner.

Dialogue & sparring

We know windows and doors inside out, and we ask questions and listen. The combination of professionalism, dialogue and sparring gives you the best solution. And this applies both when you buy standard goods, special solutions for the manor or for the demanding renovation task.

Flexibility & commitment

We get involved in our customers’ projects – also beyond the usual. We have a sharp focus on your needs and work hard to meet your requirements. You can trust that UD Vinduer delivers quality products and expert knowledge that ensures the best solution and makes life easier for you.

Quality takes time

We carry out our work with care and attention to detail. It takes time. Therefore, we do not promise the fastest delivery time. But we promise that you will get the best of the best – at a reasonable price.

Your security

We have many years of experience in making products that last. Our focus on quality is your assurance that you will get a quality product with a long life. All our products are of course CE marked.


There is a connection between quality, creativity and time. We supply windows and doors in countless formats, shapes and colors. In return, you get creative freedom, flexibility and high quality in one complete package. But it just takes a few days longer.


Windows and doors play a significant role in the expression of a building. That is why we give our customers the opportunity to put many different elements, colors and materials together.

Special and standard solutions

If you have an unusual project, we can deliver all kinds of special solutions and have extensive experience with it. But we also supply standard products that are based on solid craftsmanship and cover the needs of many customers. Therefore, you only need one supplier of doors and windows.


Doors create coherence between inside and outside and create light in a building. Our selection is large – from sliding and folding doors to French patio doors and church and manor doors. You can get standard doors and specially designed doors and doors with a lot or a little glass. You can get just the door that is needed.

Materials and colors

Pine, mahogany or oak? Standard colors, laser colors or multicolored? The choice is yours, and you can choose from a multitude of materials and colors and combinations. And if you have very special requirements, we’ll work it out too.

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